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Burning 16:9 AVIs



Okay, I'm trying to burn some AVI XVID files with My DVD 9, and I've been almost successful a few times....what I mean by "'almost" is that when I actually burn the files onto DVD, they're good and clear, but the problem is I notice that the sides are slightly chopped off.

Normally it wouldn't be bothersome, but the video files I'm trying to burn are subtitled so it cuts off quite a few letters at the end. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I've tried like encoding the AVI files into MPEG2 in different resolutions 720x460, 704x460, but I"m still getting the same result with the letters getting chopped off. I was thinking maybe if I didn't try "Fit to Disc", but I've tried custom settings and it still does the same thing?

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