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Disc Copier is not copying CD-Text/subchannel data?


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Does anyone know if Disc Copier part of CD and DVD Creator 6 fails to copy subchannel data and therefore FAILS to copy CD-Text information? I am certainly finding that to be the case and kinda' surprized I can't find any mention of it as an issue. I did apply all the Roxio hotfixes/updates to no avail.


See the thing is a certain competitor product (fiddled while Rome burned) from the same timeframe DOES have "Read indexes of audio data" and "Read subchannel data" and a heck-uv'a-lota more advanced options whilst Roxio's advanced options seems sparse and makes no mention of it.


How do I make a copy that is a COMPLETE copy including CD-Text?


Thank you for your consideration.

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Hello Techguy,


Disc Copier 6 does copy CD-Text if the CD is carrying such text. The thing is, that to read the text you need a player which will read CD-Text. Very few software or hardware CD players will read CD text.


Please see - here I made an audio disc with 4 MP3s. I dragged them into the Creator 6 audio project, and once there I renamed them so that any text you see later would not have come from Gracenote recognizing the tunes and adding the names in.




I then copied the CD with a standard copy in Copier 6, and read the copy in Windows Media Player.

WMP didn't read the CD-Text.




Reading it in an audio project in Creator 6 brought up the text again




But that could be a sneaky Roxio trick, where the track names are held in a concealed database, so I went and looked at the disc in the HACP player. [This is a dinky little free CD player which is readily found on the web, and which reads CD-Text unlike most other players.]




Voila! -

Copier 6 does copy CD-Text, where the source CD is carrying CD-Text.


Hope this helped.


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