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Roxio two new coupon codes software with a discount.


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According to this article at cdfreaks,



"Roxio dropped us an email to tell us that they have two new coupon codes which allow you to buy their software with a discount."


A brand-new product and a site-wide coupon!

Roxio Site-Wide Coupon Code SAVE 10% on any Roxio product:

SAVE10ROX (expires 12.31.07)

Save 15% on Creator 10:

SAVE15C10. (expires 10.31.07)

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Wow! 10% . . . 15% . . . YAWN. No thanks. :)


Well, is it YAWN because you don't want the product, OR is it YAWN because you don't think 10 or 15% is good enough.


Shoot, for those that are planning on purchasing the product, I would think that what ever % they could get off would be O.K. :)



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Then get yourself a copy of EMC 10! ;)


At $84 (15% of $99.99 MSRP), I wouldn't consider the 15% off a bargain unless it could be used in conjuction with the $20 rebate that is being offered by Roxio for buying direct. Given Sonic's/Roxio's track record for software and customer support and the current issues users are having with EMC10, It would have to be in the 50% range. But each person has their own idea of a bargain, so 15% would be considered a treasure by a few.

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