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How to get Roxio 6 to work?


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One day Roxio stopped working. Locked up my system.

I was advised (not on this board) to delete "UpperFilters" & "LowerFilters".

Ever since....Roxio 6 doesn't work.


Removing and reinstalling yielded a blue screen error with the file cdr4_xp.sys. Many hours later, I finally get the system to boot. Removing and reinstalling again and running ALL Roxio 6 updates causes all burners to disappear from My Computer.


Through all this, Nero, CDBurnerXP Pro, and Windows XP all successfully burn disks. Roxio still doesn't work.


I've used Roxio 6 for years and never had a problem. I have RCL files saved that I obviously need Roxio installed to read. I also preferred the interface.


I open to ideas and explanations, but the problem is obviously not the operating system or the hardware.

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One day Roxio stopped working, but for 6 years it had worked fine.


Two possibilities spring to mind

(1) There is a "sunset timer" in Roxio 6 which causes it to time out and stop after 6 years.

(2) Something has changed in either your operating system or your hardware which has killed your Roxio program.


Now #1 isn't a possibility because my version 6 is still working.


Have you allowed Micro$oft to update your operating system? In particular, have you let Micro$oft put Internet Explorer 7, or the latest version of Windows Media Player onto your system?

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Current wisdom would suggest that I.E.7 is very likely to break this software. Notwithstanding that you say the problems started before IE7, it might well be that IE7 has applied the coup de grace as it were.


I have two suggestions.

-try again to get where you were before you restored, with Roxio 6 installed, and be prepared to apply that KnowledgeBase fix if the installation upsets your filters.


-rollback IE7 to IE6, then do a full uninstall of ECD&DVD6 and cleanout with Roxizap before reinstalling the Roxio suite again.


I hope that one of these will do the trick.

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