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play back issues with cine player(emc 9)store bought and burned



Hi,maybe I should have been in the crashing part of the forum but I am here and have read issues also. I upgraded from the dell version of easy media creator. When I had that version I used to get a C++ virtual error 3 in a row,I forget what they were,but to correct them I had to uninstall the DLA packet writing software and this fixed the problem. After loading the EMC 9 suite and going through it I started getting the same errors when trying to open my dvd and other parts.After uninstalling the packet writing software and geting rid of drag to disk the pop ups went away. I had cine player 3.0 on my system before I downloaded this emc 9. I believe it was included with the media center part of the pc.The 3.0 was replaced with the 3.5 when it was installing,it said it would delete it and install 3.5. A lot of things are happening.I can encode sometimes with success to divx and others not.I hate that but I can deal,but I can not understand or even handel not being able to play a store bought dvd.It is not my drive,these have been tested,it is not the media I have tested it also,the burned ones and store bought. I can watch a movie on windows media player 11 just fine. when the installer changed my version of cine player does it also change the decoders?

I have tried a lot of things to figure it out. It has also made the media center not being able to play a movie.When i used to play a movie with media center it would load the cine player. I believe the media experience part of the program took over the media center that is installed in my PC. My PC used to load at start up a program called dell dmx media experience,it has been replaced with mx media experience. I can even live without the media center because that is what media experience is anyway.If I put a dvd in my sony ddu 1615 reader drive media center will auto come up.When I hit play DVD,I get message about not proper Dll's restart media center or PC.If I play it with the emc 9/my media/cineplayer it will load and play for a bit but be jerky,then it will freeze and crash.When I try to kill the process with process explorer(systeminternals) it will load like 2 cine players.I have to hold the button in for a 10 count to restart the pc. the dlls (in xp media center) are not there anymore,they been replaced by the media experience in EMC 9??could this be?I really want this program to work,any I ideas please jump in here. This is a lot to take in so I will come back tommorrow,Thanks! I never seen anything that said emc 9 worked with media center or didn't. Hyper threading was not mentioned or maybe it said it did work with hyper threading,I'm not sure.



Dell Media Center Edition XP Pro,ser pac 2, E310

2 gb's ram, pentium 4 hyper threading 2.8 Ghz dual processors

nvida 6200 graphics card,pci 256 mb gpu

WD internal 80 gb hard drive,250 gb ex WD Hdd

24' Lg flatron digital/analog moniter

bose 5.1 sound

EMC 9 suite

clone dvd2,anydvd,divx pro 6

jkdefrag-3.16,ZA internet sec suite 7.0

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