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I had tried suport but no help yet, maybe some one has the same problem and solved it.


When in SOUND EDITOR I try to export track to MP3 files it works, but the filenames are default no the track names.


The following is my dialog with ROXIO support people.


09/11/07 6:21 PM The answer was not really fast, but acceptable.

THe answer is just an WEB link that dorce me to read 187 items.


But It did not add any information to solve my problem.


Is this the best you cand do to support me?


How do I export track from SOUND EDITOR tha include the track names as file names.

this is not working.




09/11/07 1:53 AM Thank you for contacting Roxio Technical Support












Roxio Technical Support






Have you tried our online self-service tools?


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We are always looking for ways to improve so please click on the link below to complete our online support survey.






Thank you for your comments and we appreciate the feedback




09/10/07 9:18 AM In version 10 (just instaled) In SOund editor)

I have a large MP3 files on One Vinyl LP Record

Every thing works as usual (I have also version 7.5)

After marking all the music tracks begin and end, give them a name, track #, etc.


When i try to export them (installed in spanish) the program creates 2 folders one for INTERPTRETER and one for ALBUM and the places al the track files one after the other, tha MP3 taga informatiocn is correct according to my manual capture.

BUT the folder an file manes are WRONG.

they are (for example)

"..\interprete\albun\00_trackfile00" and so on.

In previus the version I did not had the folders option, but the file names where thos of the track name.


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I always give mine a name and pick a location where I want them saved. Have you tried that?





for example get D:\OUT\interreter\album\00_trak00.mp3 ("Literally")


Instead of INTERPRETER = "Pavarotti", ALBUB = "Tutto", TRACKNEME = "O Sole mio" wich should be:


D:\OUT\Pavarotti\Tutto\O sole mio.mp3


Hope this expleins the problem, Also note that this is with version 10 in versio 7.5 i get


D:\OUT\O sole mio.mp3 (No folders for interpreter or album, but correct file names for each track)

Besides the MP3 file tag info shows the right TRAK NAME)

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I could not reproduce either.


The example I used was a single track recording of an LP side containing four tracks. I marked the tracks in Sound Editor, clicked on Export tracks/clips, selected use traks from clips, Edited the tags info for each clip: they have common Album and Artist and different track names. Selected the folder and exported.


It created a folder with the name of the Artist, a sub folder with the name of the album, in which the tracks were named as 00_ followed by the track title as edited in the tag info, then the artist.mp3 at the end.


The only minor difference is that in the track titles I had a : after the Roman numerals I II, III, IV, and the Artist had a / between Bohm and BPO instead of a space.


PS you can use Move or rename Audio files and select different options for folder, track name, but choices made there do not seem to carry over to Sound Editor


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