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Multiple Problems using export function





Need some help,


I'm seeing a few problems when trying to use the export function.



1) when I import a movie from a Video_TS directory or directly from a DVD, the time duration of the movie is always 00:08. No matter how long the movie is. I don't see this problem when selecting an avi or mpg file.


2) When I try to export the VOB movie to any format (PSP, iPOD) the status pop-up window comes up and the status bar goes across really fast and then just sits there or hangs. I have left it over night and it was still stuck there. I think it may be related to my problem #1 above. Again when I export an avi file which is able to read the correct duration time, I have no problems.


3) When I select a Video_TS file or a DVD which is a series or multiple episodes, say Friends or Smallville, It is only able to recognize 1 of the VOB files. This is the same if I'm importing from a folder or a DVD. And then I still have the same problem stated in #1 above.


Any help would be great.

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Toast is not designed to have VOBs dragged or added to the Video window. The proper way to add video from a nonencrypted DVD or VIDEO_TS folder is to use the Media Browser so Toast can extract the MPEGs.


Place the VIDEO_TS folder on the desktop or in the Movies folder. Then choose DVD with the top button of the Media Browser. When the "DVD" appears in the browser window you can use the browser's second button to access the titles or the chapters within titles. Select what you want and add this to the Video window. Now the video can be exported.


The new Popcorn 3 makes this much easier because no MPEG extraction is needed except if you want to export chapters rather than titles.

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Thanks for the reply,


I'm not sure what you are referring to when you talk about the "Media Browser" but I don't seem to have this. Is this only on "PopCorn 2 & 3"?


On my Toast, when I'm on the "Video" tab/selections and say I'm on the DVD-Video sub tab. The Toast Window add plane itself has the words "Drag Video files or pictures into this area". When I'm on the "Video_TS Folder" sub tab, the words read "Drag a Video_TS folder into this area".


When i'm on the DVD-Video sub tab, I do have an add button at the bottom, and still I get the same results when I add in an nonencrypted DVD or files from a Video-TS folder.


The same DVD and Video-TS folder was tested on a friends MAC that has just Popcorn, and he had no problems. Is there something I'm missing or is it a Toast problem that is not seen on Popcorn

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As I mentioned, Popcorn is easier to use than Toast for this purpose because it doesn't require the MPEG video files to be extracted from VIDEO_TS folders before exporting to other formats. If you plan to do much of this I suggest taking advantage of Roxio's special price for Popcorn 3.


Toast does not properly access the content of VOBs or VIDEO_TS folders if they are dragged directly to the Video window. The exception is when you choose Video DVD from VIDEO_TS as the format, but then you can't export the content from that setting so it is of no use for what you are wanting to do.


The Toast Media Browser is a separate window. If it isn't appearing then choose Show Media Browser from the Windows menu. Then follow the steps to extract the titles or chapters you want from the VIDEO_TS folder using DVD video as the format in the Toast Video window.

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