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Help Please/ Tut not working for Basic Version



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I have basic and was wondering if this tut will work. I got as far as the part where you need to change and not unninstall, but it will not allow me to change any of the roxio programs. Thanks for any and all help.


Edit.. It would have helped to add the link to the tut.



Took me a minute to guess that the "tut" was "tutorial"?

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Thanks for your very relevant replies.

Sorry, I didn't answer since I was not sure. On top of that, you used a term that I have never heard on this forum; perhaps it is used elsewhere made you think it was common terminology. Those posts are usually called threads.


Apparently no one else could give you a definitive answer either. In some cases, you just have to try it.


When you say basic in V9 are you saying you don't have the deluxe? That should not matter. If, on the other hand you have a version that came with your computer or with a piece of hardware, then it is almost impossible to give you an answer. People like Dell and MadDog specify what features are included and that seems to change with each model.


The only basic I remember was in EMC 8.


Perhaps if you explained your problem in more detail someone will have a fix or work around for you.

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