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Error Message In Video Editing



:( Just reloaded EC 9.0 and now when I go to video edit and inport a pnoto or try to edit any of my previous production files I get the error message of current production is empty or contains invalid files, yet I can see the photos in the timeline but can not play or edit them. The produciton files will play in my other computer using the same software. Any suggestions.
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The Videowave production files (.dmsm) are just text files containing information about the source files (the pics or movies) included in the project and the location (path) where they are (were when the project was created) on the PC, plus information on any editing you may have applied. Therefore, when the production is opened, it looks for the original files in those locations. If it can't find them (because they have been moved or deleted), then you may get a box with the option to browse to where they are, or it may just load what it can with the kind of message you received.


You say it works on one PC but not the other. The most likely cause is that, on the PC where the production works, the source files are indeed located where they were when the .dmsm file was created, but on the PC where the production does not work, the files are either missing or not in the locations the production expects.


If you want to use a production on two PCs, you must also place the source files on both, in exactly the same locations (folders) on both. Some people, before creating a production, create a folder (e.g. a subfolder in the My Documents folder of the logged in user account, or in C:\) and put all the source files they plan to use in a production in that folder. That eases the problem of transferring from one PC to another.


If in fact you do have the source files in the same locations on boh PCs, then obviously the above does not apply and the cause lies elsewhere.


PS one other possibility: I have just looked at the way the .dmsm file records the location of the source files. In my case I have moved my 'My Documents folder to a different partitition, F:\ . The .dmsm file lists the path explicitly, e.g. for one photo in the production it gives the path as F:\My Documents\My Pictures\Pictures\Nature\Dale 4.jpg. So if you are storing the source files in user account- specific folders, such as the logged in user's 'My Documents' folder, that folder must also be on the same partition on both PCs.


All in all, if you want to use the same productions on two PCs, it would be better to place the source files in a non user account specific location, such as a folder on c:\ (with the same name on both PCs). You would need to recreate the production, of course, but one way would be to use the PC where the production works. Move the source files to the new folder. Open the production in Videowave, and where it lists the files it cannot find (since you've moved them), select the first one, browse to the new location, repeat for the second one, etc. To show you what I mean, I moved that Dale4.jpg (mentioned above as an example of how the location is recorded). On Opening the production in Videowave I got the box shown in the pic, and redirected to the new location.


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