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Convert a Video_TS folders



When I try to convert a Video_TS folders :angry2: the Crunch progress bar reaches about 10% to 25% and stays there. I have tried to wait about 3 to 4 hours and still the progress does not change. Even though the software itself looks fine and no indication of crush or hang is there. I have tried different Movies and many different customization but without any luck please help.

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Typically the conversion stalls if the encoder comes across a defect in the MPEG video such as dropped frames. But you're experiencing the same problem at about the same point with multiple VIDEO_TS folders. One possibility - although it is a long shot - is that your computer has a defect in one of its RAM cards. There is an application you can download called MemTest (I found it at Versiontracker.com) that does a thorough test of your RAM. You also could use the extended test from your Hardware Test disc that came with your Mac.


I presume you have ample hard drive space.


I'll continue to ponder this and let you know if I can think of any other possible explanation.

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