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Scott - exceeded activation limits?



I removed all Roxio apps to do some testing. afterwards, I restored an image backup. When I reinstalled DVDit pro HD 6.3 1b11a and ran it for the first time, it tries to activate and I get this error. ?? Why would there even be a limit? I install and uninstall all the time for various reasons.


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hmmm. funny that this is popping up now. Could be something is up with our activation server...

Merv what build are you on? (look at the "about" screen). Have you installed the software on multiple computers? (you should be allowed to install on 5).


Hi, Scott. Thanks for responding


I cannot even get to the "About" screen, because it asks me to activate and when I try I get the attached message. The program then shutsdown without starting.


The initial splash screen (just prior to the activation message) indicates build 631B11A (I believe that is correct but I had to run it about 4 times since the screen appears and then disappears so fast).


Also, I only have one machine and the HD version of DVDit has never been installed before today. I had version 6.1 installed prior to that.


Hope that answers your questions. BTW, just like Gary, I had EMC 10 beta installed prior to today. I now have EMC 10 GM and EMC 7.1 installed.


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Thanks for all your help on this Scott, both in this thread an via PMs.


For others who may experience this problem, I resolved the issue by activating offline. I do not know if it will work for everybody that experience this problem. Here is what I did:


1. Disconnect the Internet connection.

2. Attempt to open DVDit Pro Hd.

3. You should get a screen that give the option to activate offline (or something like that. Sorry, I did not get a screen shot of that). Click that offline activation button.

4. You should get a screen that looks like the attachment below. Make sure you copy the internet address and product key exactly as indicated.

5. Shutdown DVDit Pro HD, reconnect to the internet, open Internet Explorer (or other browser), and navigate to the address you copied in step 4.

6. Follow the instruction on that internet page. When complete, DVDit Pro HD should activate.


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