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Backup my PC Deluxe



Every time I sign on to my computer the darn "Back up My PC Deluxe thing starts trying to start. I thought that I would just let it go through its thing but then It tells, me to insert a disc which I do, than It. says that it can't find the application. what is going on here and what do I do to stop it? IT'S DRIVING CRAZY because many times it happens when I am in the middle of some other program or when I am trying to record. Please help!


I finally gave up on trying to load the program on my laptop with Vista. I never could get to work, even after using all the suggestions that I read out here. the site has me listed with a serial number that does not even come close to the serial number on the box. I am just totally confused by that since when I loaded the software on the windows XP computer the number on the box was the one I had to use. Go figure!

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As you are posting on EMC 10 boards, I assume you have installed EMC 10. That does not have Backup MyPC, so the message trying to install and asking for BUMP.msi is not directly related to EMC 10 itself. EMC 9 had Backup MyPC and although EMC 9.1 did not, a separate download of Backup MyPC deluxe was provided for that.


Where did You get your Backup MyPC from?

Do you have Backup My PC installed now?

Did you have it installed, but uninstalled it at some stage?

Do you have, or did you have but subsequently uninstalled previous versions of EMC? If so which?

What disc are you inserting when asked to do so?


Possible fixes depend on your answer to those questions.


If you don't have EMC 10, but some previous version, please say soand we can move the thread to the appropriate board..

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As in my first question. I get the message that the installation kit could not be found and the 'BUMP msi" cannot be found....whatever that means.



This is my gut feelings on your issue?

id go into add & remove programs and remove EMC and then reboot and try a full install again.


Also try un-zipping the two exe files (the ones you downloaded , the suite and the contentes) into there own folders first before running the install, as this might help the install


good luck :)

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