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Roxo Creator 9 vs Huawei E220 USB Wireless Modem



I am using a HP Pavilion DV9521ei Notebook with Windows Vista Home Premimum.


With the software Roxio Creator 9 was installed on the notebook by HP.


I've been using my Huawei E220 USB Wireless modem from day one that I start to use the notebook.


:blink: I started to use Roxio Creator and after running the software package I wanted to log onto the internet, but I receive the following error from my Mobile Modem software "Mobile Partner":-


A new optical drive has been detected. This drive will be usable once the currently running projects have been completed.


It seems that Roxio Creator sees the modem as an extra DVD-RAM Drive.


So I closed Roxio Creator Software and tried to log onto the internet and once again I receive an error from the Modem software:-


After running Roxio, receive an Error 633: The modem (or other connecting device) is already in use or is not configured properly.


After looking in the error log file, I discover the following:-


Problem Event Name: AppHangB1

Application Name: Mobile Partner.exe

Application Version:

Application Timestamp: 464173fc

Hang Signature: 86ca

Hang Type: 0

OS Version: 6.0.6000.

Locale ID: 7177

Additional Hang Signature 1: 0353dc0b9358891ab7e2e134f69ae39c

Additional Hang Signature 2: d243

Additional Hang Signature 3: c177081160f29ec6ae529044bf08640f

Additional Hang Signature 4: 86ca

Additional Hang Signature 5: 0353dc0b9358891ab7e2e134f69ae39c

Additional Hang Signature 6: d243

Additional Hang Signature 7: c177081160f29ec6ae529044bf08640f


I had to shut down my notebook and after startup un-install the modem software and re-install it and it work fine.


The second time I run Roxio Creator, the same problem occur.


Once again I had to shut down the notebook and un-install and re-install my modem software.


By the third time my notebook crashed and I had to re-boot it manually, This time the notebook did a Startup Repair and restore the notebook to an earlier Restore point.


According to a local forum it seems that all users who use Huawei E220 USB Wireless Modem has the same problem. Their advice is to un-install Roxio Creator and do not use it with the modem. I was on the point to upgrade Roxio Creator 9 to Version 10, but how can I know for sure that Version 10 will not give me the same problems as Version 9.


I did test Nero and I did not experience this problems at all with their software.


Can anybody shed some light on this problem?

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I've been googling that modem and it seems to have its fair share of problems.


Question: are you running it from a motherboard port, a PCI card or even on a hub?


The reason for asking was this board mentioned it having problems depending where it was connected:



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