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Is It Just Because I'm A New User?

Kevin B


Out of frustration I'm compelled to put this out there for feedback. Is EMC 9 Suite a frustrating program to use or is it just me?


Because my observations after a week of using this utility are this:


It's clunky and slow

It's confusing as hell

Totally un-user friendly, and not intuitive in any way

The fact that support forums like this are necessary indicates to me that the word "Easy" does not belong in the title

It's error prone

It tries to do too much, and fails in too many ways


Perhaps my mistake was in expecting EMC 9 would allow me to sit down and start doing all the stuff it says on the box with no more than a couple of days of familiarizing myself with it. I've been working at it every day for a week now, and I'm still getting "error encoding movie" messages, added-in features that I think should work but don't, and DVD's that play on one machine but not another, etc.


Am I alone?

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Kevin: Yes you are very much alone…



Judging from the nature and quantity of questions that others have posted here, I wouldn't be so sure about that, with all due respect. However, I see the logic of your response and can't say I disagree with you completely.


I think it's safe to say that the average man on the street, when it comes to video, just wants to be able to do some simple things. My problem with EMC9 is not that it can't do these things, but it's that learning to do these things is indeed like "scaling a cliff". And the program does crash, and it is temperamental, and it is in no way "easy".


When I buy software, I expect the questions I have to be few, and the ones I have to be addressed adequately in a manual or online. Support groups like this, while useful, should not be required. And after 8 days, unless I'm a moron (don't say it), I should have at least one working movie.


In any case, I appreciate your help, and that of others who have been so kind and patient in responding to every single question I have had. But there will be no more; the software went back today.


It's probably just as well. I've been neglecting my basket weaving anyway. :D

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Put it this way - I can splash paint all over a canvas, but the end result is going to be fairly horrible and nothing like what may be seen in an art gallery.


The same with making a movie - it's not easy by any means and unfortunatelyt, it is an uphill climb in learning how to do it. No software package is ever going to make that part easy for you, it requires some artistic input from yourself and, unfortunately, that does mean you have to work at it to achieve a good result.


It's like life in a way - you need to work at it to improve it. The tools are there, it's just a question of learning to use them

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Kevin: Yes you are very much alone…


...There is no learning curve, it is more like scaling a cliff!


As you get the hang of it your frustration will lessen....


No, he is not alone, because there are many who will support him. I sat down and played with Videowave and learned how to use the pan and zoom in minutes. I was disappointed in the fact that there wasn't a function in Videowave to create a pause in the pan and zoom (had to be done by hand very precisely) and that videowave would crash while adding transitions between the pan and zoomed clips. Also, I wanted to have a pan and zooming clip move around on a background, and two pan and zooming clips running at the same time, but that can't be done either.


Learning curve n. A graph that depicts rate of learning, especially a graph of progress in the mastery of a skill against the time required for such mastery.

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Kevin: Yes you are very much alone…


It is far more robust than V7/7.5!


It is faster than V8!


But looking through your post history, your questions seem to be centered around your lack of experience using Video Software.


Unless you use some mindless, next to useless, Wizard simplified program, Video Editing is complex stuff!!!


There is no learning curve, it is more like scaling a cliff!


As you get the hang of it your frustration will lessen. But it will always be complex and that is time consuming.

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