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Thumbnail Previews and Preview Pane



Hi , new here so be gentle :D !!


Just brought a new PC with Creator Basic v9 and My DVD Basic V9 on it.


I have burnt a couple of DVDs quite sucessfully , but just wondering how you get thumbnail previews on the main menu , right clicking on the text menu and select thumbnail is greyed out.


Also I dont see the preview pane down the bottom of the left hand side when creating .


Are these two limitations because I only have the basic edition ? Anything else I miss out on if that's the case ?





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No gentleness here, we eat our young :angry::angry::angry2:


The limitation appears due to your Basic version, however it is also Menu Theme related. Some buttons, in certain themes are Text Only!


I am in the middle of a burn so I cannot give you any examples. At least it something you can look for.


Should you decide to go for the Retail version of V9 or V10, be sure you remove your Basic version first so that there is no chance of conflict.

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