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My Rant



One thing I do NOT have reverence for is the company that makes this product! I've been having endless problems making Videowave simply do the things it is supposed to do. For one thing, transitions don't work properly - if I try to insert a transtion it takes forever (well, maybe 20 minutes) for the transition selector window to appear. and actually choosing one and inserting it ...well, I just gave up.


There have been countless weird hangs and crashes, with a window opening up to display arcane error codes that only Roxio's programmers understand.


Now when I'm trying to output my movie, I got the mysterious "no common media between these pins" error. How can it be that a software product could produce such a totally incomprehensible error message and Roxio's pathetic excuse for on-line support offers not the slightest clue as to the meaning and the workaround?


I'm writing because I found a workaround for this, which is to output my file to a lower resolution. Choosing Windows Media 9 320x240 VBR worked where other formats wouldn't. I have no idea why, but at least I've got my movie.


In my opinion this product should never have been released. That Roxio is taking people's money (including mine) for it verges on criminal.

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FWIW one thing I've seen james post more than once I think is that working with video and/or DVDs is not as simple as many other tasks on your PC. Maybe this will help put Roxio & their EMC into perspective...


Instead of using the included Videowave/MyDVD you can pay roughly $75 - $700 for video editing and/or DVD authoring software in the entry to high-mid range. And the more you spend, the harder the programs are to use. Complaints don't go away... You'll read the same sort of questions posed sometimes with even greater levels of frustration. Sure if you pay $700 you'll be able to do more things, but the added options only provide confusion if you don't need to do more than you can in Videowave/MyDVD.


That said, whenever "pins" are mentioned, you're probably getting into direct show filters for drivers and/or other software. It's probably not related to anything installed by EMC9, but caused by something else on your PC. Most video software including players try to piece together a chain of these DS filters to encode or decode video as needed. These filters can connect using input/output pins, they can conflict, and they can and do lie to windows about their capabilities.


That doesn't fully explain the problems you're having of course... Giving james and others the info to try and help might lead to both an explanation and cure. Otherwise it's kind of like buying a donut, leaving it sit in your car for a couple of days, & then blaming the bakery because it's not fresh. :)

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Performance issues like you are seeing are a result of something amiss!


The general list of maladies you are experiencing indicate you PC is the main issue and/or the install didn't go right…


The software has a bug or 2 but nothing like what you are seeing!


If you want to work through this, then we need a list of your system specs to start with.


If you are just venting your frustration and don't have a willingness to work through details with us, no one can help you.

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