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Update Doesn't Work



I don;t know what kind of "changes" you're looking for, but the ones in the update will go into both XP and Vista. The updates aren't any different based on the OS, it's just in Vista it brings the software current with the Vista Certification. Download and install it is my suggestion.


Well it's good to know that you all are unimpressed with the update for XP. I installed it and now I can't open the EMC9 program. Have done everything that I was told to do about the reinstall and now the install get to Publishing Product Info and starts asking for me to insert the disc! Magari, the disc is inserted. I have deleted all of the Sonic software that came pre-installed on my laptop and now I have no program at all because I can't get the bloody thing to re-install. I guess I will return to Dell to find out how to reinstall my Sonic software and leave the rest off. I am so angry because I bought this program and it has been nothing but problems once I tried to install that update. If I ever get my stuff back on, I promise never to update from ECM-9 again. This has been an all day process with no results.

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Your me too post had nothing to do with OP subject so I took the liberty of splitting it out.


Have you got it running yet?

Well will you please take the liberty to help me get my xp that holds ECM9 suite up and running again, without the update. Thank you, in advance, for your immediate assistant. thank goodness that I have this laptop with the Vista and only the installed software so that I am able to try to get some help because the other one just gets worse. going down hill faster and faster.

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