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Mydvd 8 Premier - Can't Burn Dvd



I'm not sure this is the proper forum for my question, but here goes....


I just "upgraded" to MyDVD 8 Premier (from 5.x) and am having nothing but problems trying to burn a dvd. I actually have 2 problems:


1) I am using the Create A DVD option (from the Home Menu) - I leave everything set to the defaults (background, etc.), import 2 mpeg files and then click BURN. My blank DVD-R is recognized and I select burn to disc. MyDVD then proceeds to encode the video, etc. which takes a bit of time. However, it then shows 100% COMPLETE and the DVD never burns - nothing. The only option is to hit OK and then I'm back to the preview window. I see no error messages and no attempt by MyDVD 8 to actually try and burn the DVD....


2) Same as above but with a blank DVD-RW. When I get to the burn stage and select burn to disc, MyDVD 8 shows the capacity of the disc at 0. I have erased the disc completely and even checked the disc info in Roxio Home which shows it as an unused disc. It seems MyDVD 8 won't recognize the DVD-RW media?? Maybe this is a known problem? I was hoping to use RW media so I won't make coasters while trying to learn about MyDVD 8.


Any assistance with the above is appreciated.






MyDVD 8 Build 805

WinXP Pro SP2

3.0Gz Intel P4

Asus Radeon 9800XT

1GB Ram

Panasonic SW-9582 DVD Drive

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Not being familiar with MyDVD 8 Premier, it's hard to make a suggestion but does it allow you to burn to an ISO file? If so, that may be a better option as burning to disc is more computer intensive and there's more that can go wrong.

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I think this is a problem with the burner or its firmware. I just had the exact samething happen to me the other day with EMC8. First, I need to say that bought some REALLY CHEAP blank DVDs. I normally don't buy cheap blanks, but they were only 10 cents each! :) Something to play with.


Anyway, I created a nice DVD of my mom's 80th birthday party and decided to make copies for the family. I have two burners - Sony DRU510a and a newer Mad Dog 16X. I selected the file and both burners. Disc Copier went through the motions fairly fast and reached 100%. Neither disc had anything on them. Hmmmmm


So I removed the blank disc form the Sony and just selected the Mad Dog. BURNED FINE!

I then tried burning to only the Sony. DID NOT BURN.

I know the Sony works fine so apparently it just doesn't like those blanks.


So if at all possible, try a different brand of disc. It will probably work. Checking for a burner firmware update wouldn't hurt either.

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Thanks for quick replies.


It is probably time for a new dvd drive anyway. First I'll try and grab some different blanks... is there a list of approved drives for Roxio products?


Strange thing is that the same setup and files burn just fine using MyDVD 5.X by Sonic :).

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EMC8 should work with any burner made within the past few years. The burn engine in EMC8 literally queries the burner EACH TIME before it burns. It gets info about the media from the drive directly. Other software and earlier versions either keep a database of burners which has to be updated or just makes certain assumptions. Since EMC8 relies on the drive, it's better to find a brand of blanks that work well with your particular burner and stick with them.

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