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Burn slide show to cd with easy creater 9



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I can not find where to change it to burn on a cd for a slide show.. all it seems to want to do is a DVD


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If you created your slide show in VideoWave, save it, and close VideoWave. Open MyDVD, click on File, then click on New Project, then click on VCD or SVCD. SVCD will be better quality than VCD.


Click on Add New Movie, and browse to the .dmsm file you saved in VideoWave, and bring it into MyDVD for authoring and burning to a CD.

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I want to know if you can burn a slide show to a cd... then play it on a dvd player ?

Yes, you can burn a slide show to a cd but not all dvd players (stand alone players) will play them. If you have a dvd burner, it's best to burn to a dvd but it can be done to a cd. Plus, you won't get the quality of a dvd slideshow on a cd.

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