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How to install 9.1 update



Installing the 9.1 EMC9 Dlx update in Vista Home Premium I came up with what I believe is a lot of good info that should help others...


Installing the update using the custom option will fail in Vista if you check the box for DVD Info Pro. Installation using the typical option on-the-other-hand will not install quite a few of the included applications such as “Home”.


If you save the expanded update files from the temp folder to another location on your hard drive(s), and copy it back to the temp folder after the installation completes, you can use the change option in “programs and Features” under Control Panel. This will allow you to install some options missing under the “Typical” install, but you won’t get everything. Attempting to install any of the sub-applications (i.e. Soundsoap etc.) from the temporary install folders will not work – you need to start the set-up programs that you copied back to your temp folder.


As has been reported, if an installation fails it is not possible to run set-up again – part of the install routine un-installs your existing copy of EMC9 and set-up will then refuse to run. The cure is to save a registry key prior to the update [or retrieve from backup or whatever]. Probably the easiest way to find the key is to search in Regedit for the value: "Master installer for The Digital Media Suite". It’s located under HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\


Export the entire key, and merge with the registry IF/WHEN you need to re-run the update set-up routine. As far as I can tell whatever Roxio EMC9 files are on the hard drive all ready doesn’t matter.


If you want to halt the installation when it starts rolling back (after failure) have Task Mgr running... There should be 3 or 4 instances of msiexec running – select the bottom one and terminate that process. Whatever is uninstalled (rolled back) is lost but the rest should work.


The update leaves existing program folders for: Cineplayer decoder pack, Drag to Disc, Disc Gallery, Media Experience, XingTones, and DVD Info Pro... I don’t know about Sight Sound because I didn’t have that installed. DVD Info Pro appears to still work the same as before the update, though you might have to re-create the shortcut in your start menu. The update will include the Vista compatible version of Sound Soap – you will have to (re) register. If you already registered Sound Soap, you’ll need to enter the same email address as before.


It’s always good practice to back up your OS drive before making major program changes like this update. Vista restore (at least in Home Prem) saves a shadow copy of the files on your drive and works well, unless you boot into another OS like XP – in that case the shadow copies are erased. After a successful update it still might be a good idea to save the registry key mentioned in case you have to re-install EMC9 in the suture – I’m saving a copy with the update to disc.

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Part II


What do you get installing the update in XP Pro? After getting the Vista update to work and posting info, I did the update on EMC9 Dlx downloaded in May/07. I used the Custom option selecting every box or program except Updater, and un-checked the boxes to create any desktop or Quick Launch icons. Everything went the way it was supposed to, so can’t add any problem resolutions like those I had to find with Vista. The version reported in the Home applet is now 9.0.610 Build: 906B10N, R04.


Quite a number of files were changed by the update in Vista Home Prem., so took a look after the same update in XP Pro SP2... Checking files in ...\Program Files\Roxio\; ...\Program Files\Bias\; ...\Program Files\Common Files\; ...\Program Files\Sonic\; using Microsoft’s WindDiff the only changes detected were to Bias SoundSoap, SightSpeed, and Drag to Disc. Using PowerDesk File Finder, performed 2 searches on the Windows folder with parameters set to files created & files modified today: found new DLA driver files. According to the Bias Readme files the 2.1.1 version (up from 2.1) adds Vista support – whether other changes were made or not I don’t know.


[Note: I have a version of Cyberlink Power Director or Producer released by ATI for or with their TV cards. While it will co-exist happily with EMC9's Media Experience, the update like the original EMC9 install wants to delete it. I renamed the folders with ATI’s Catalyst Media Center, and saved and then deleted the 2 registry keys for the Media Center under un-install (the same basic location as the Roxio key posted earlier). After that the EMC9 update ignored the Catalyst Media Center, and after the update was finished, I merged the 2 saved keys with the registry and put the folder names back to normal. Everything appears to be working correctly, both EMC9 & the Media Center.]

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