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Well, kinda, but there are things you need to know…


First of all keep in mind that the only similarity between Optical media and the Magnetic media you are used to working with is that both are round. That is the only similarity!


Packet writing is one way to do what you want. It only has one drawback, it is the least reliable form of burning ever devised! I have had discs go as long as 100 uses and others fail by the 3rd use! – average was 50 uses and poof…


When a PW disc goes, it is gone and you usually lose everything on the disc.


Session writing is close to what you want. You use Classic and keep reusing the same disc but never set it as Read Only.


For subsequent sessions, you import the previous data and add more before burning. The "erase" is that you can delete files from the project pane and they will no longer be available on the disc.


Session discs are 100% rock solid and I have never heard of one failing! Due to the nature of the way it is written, it makes no difference if you use R or RW media. That is good because R media is more reliable than RW media is.


Drawback is that every time you write to it, about 10mb of overhead is used. There is also a 99 session limit but with all of the overhead, you can never reach that on a CD. (99 X 10mb = 990mb)


Also every time you "erase" the space for that file is never recovered. Thus the media fills up faster than you would think.

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