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.mov > To High Quality Dvd



I've gone through 3 dvd discs but for whatever reason the quality of the movie on disc isn't good enough :/


There is nothing wrong with the movie file itself - and regardless of what settings I use when I'm creating the dvd, the dvd just looks funny. Odd colours like green through the red and pixelated graphics. It's like, for whatever reason, Toast 7 has compressed the video file even when the settings are set to BEST.


Can anyone help me?

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Well toast has compressed the video. Dvds use Mpeg2 which is a compressed format. A dvd will always look worse than the original source DV because of the compression. Compression artifacts WILL show up. I dont know what average bit rate or how toast decides how the movie will be encoded because of the varitible bit rate software encoders use (even idvd).

What do you mean by pixelation? If your talking about motion blocks, thats a given in any dvd. On movie dvds you buy, you typically cant see it because the people making the dvd actully carefully choose what bit rate is used in each scene and also they have professional encoders that sence motion much better than toast. You can see the compression if you look hard enogh. If the red is pixelated, harsh reds have always had a hard time decoding (aleast in my case). Depends on your player and apples DVD player is terrible when it comes to reds even on bought movie dvds.

Hope that helps.

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