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Roxio InputSelectorNew 3



I have a complete install of EMC 10 on XP SP2. Everything seems to be working fine.


However, I was looking in GSpot at the installed codecs and filters and saw this one reported as 'file missing'


- - ** Problem ** ** File Missing:

- - Type DSH

- - Function Other

DSH Friendly Name ROXIO InputSelectorNew 3.0

DSH DirectShow CLSID {9B9FEC9D-8F1B-44BF-904D-9A5B666AA9E9}

REG Merit 0x00200000


Searching the registry for that CLSID, I found the item in




The CLSID\{083863F1-70DE-11d0-BD40-00A0C911CE86} key is the ActiveMovie Filter Class Manager. Its Instance subkey has subkeys for each Video codec (with key named by the codec's CLSID). Each codec also has a key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID, with an Inprocserver32 subkey that gives path and file of the corresponding codec.



So if the registry entry for ROXIO InputSelectorNew 3.0 is intended (and not a mistake), there should be a corresponding key





with a subkey \Inprocserver32, whose default value gives the path and file name.


As that key does not exist on my system, GSpot reports 'missing file', and since I don't know what file it is, I cannot determine whether it really is missing or not. If I knew what file it was, I could add the required registry key.


ROXIO InputSelectorNew 3.0 does not appear anywhere else in the registry (other than HKCR, which, of courseis just an echo of some of the HLKLM keys).


My questions are:


What is ROXIO InputSelectorNew 3.0?


What is its function?


What file is it?


Which part of EMC 10 calls it, and when?


Or is it some kind of ghost entry in the registry?

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