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No converting



Whatever button I click, either "Compile Videos" DIVx DVD" or "Convert Video" I always end up at the "Roxio Video Copy and Convert" Modul with the possibility for "DVD Video Copy" and"Videocompilation".

Now whatever combination and output format I choose, EMC 10 starts to work (Step 1 of 1) and finishes after about 5 seconds. Then WMV or whatever videoformat I choose a file of about 15 KB size appears in my directory, with a length of 00:00.

This option worked fine for me with EMC 9 but now just this malfunction.

I use a Dell Inspiron notebook with 2 GB RAM, sufficent harddrive space and WinXP SP2.

Any ideas (but "new install")


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I have tested the Video copy and convert module converting various file types to various output types and have not encountered any problems (my specs are below).


What type is the input source you are trying to convert?


You have not stated what your graphics card or on board chip is. That may be limiting. Have you run the graphics test in Videowave, tool, options? Does it set to hardware rendering or software rendering?


You could try loading the source file in Videowave, output as, select a format, see if that will convert the file. If it does not convert with hardware rendering, try software rendering.


If conversion also fails in Videowave, it is most likely a problem with the graphics card/chip, or some codecs may be missing, corrupted or not registered properly.


If conversion works in Videowave it is the module that is faulty. Try a repair (add/remove, highlight Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10, click change, follow the wizard until you get the screen with the options modify, repair, remove: select repair, click next. The repair will probably ask for the CD, or it you have the downloaded installation file, first extract the contents of that file to a suitable folder (using Winzip or similar); then when the repair asks for a certain file, browse to where you extracted the installation file to find the requested file.

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