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Blackberry Media Manager Possible Conflict


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I have Blackberry Desktop with Roxio for Blackberry Media Manager. I also have Nero Ultra Enhanced version 7.x. I have been unable to burn DVDs with it. I keep getting errors. I have read on other forums of conflicts between Roxio products and Nero products causing this. Can my Blackberry Media Manager be causing this conflict and, if so, is there away around it short of uninstalling Blackberry Desktop (and, by extension, Media Manager)?


Any help will be appreciated.


BTW -- Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area. I'm new to the forum and I think I might have inadvertantly posted this in the wrong area.

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were you able to burn DVD with Nero prior to installing Roxio's Blackberry Media Manager? Are you able to burn a DVD if you uninstall Roxio's Blackberry Media Manager now?


Thanks for replying.


Not a simple answer. I WAS able to burn on the same computer 1 1/2 years ago, but that was with an older version of Nero and since then I've had to restore the PC AND I've installed Blackberry Desktop Manager (with Roxio for Blackberry Media Manager included as a component of BBDM). And obviously I've installed Nero 7 Ultra Enhanced.


So I don't think it's an issue with the burner drive or the fact that I have it installed in case and connected to the computer via USB. I had it that way before and had no problems burning.


The problems are arising now after all the changes I mentioned above.


I updated the firmware on the dvd burner, so I don't think that's the problem.


Nero recognizes the NEC 3500AG burner no problem. And the burning speed isn't the issue -- the DVD-R disks I have (Sony) are good for 1x-16x, though I tried burning at 4x.


I haven't tried uninstalling BBDM and zapping any remnants of Roxio. I was really hoping for a solution that would avoid that. I realize that I may have a problem that isn't quite as common as some others. Most people on the other forums say that the answer is to remove all traces of Roxio products. I understand that's a tough sell at a Roxio forum, so I might be S.O.L. I have something of an investment in Nero and I kind of need my BBDM to work with my Blackberry Pearl.


It's easy for the people on the other forums to say "get rid of Roxio traces," and it makes sense if they are related to burning software -- I mean, most people don't really need both products. But the Roxio on my system isn't EMC or such -- it's the Roxio for Blackberry Media Manager.


So again, any help will be appreciated. If someone just happens to have run into this problem, I might be able to get a solution. Thanks.

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