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Unable to add Text to Colour Panels in Videowave 9



when I try to add text either by selecting the panel and editing, or double clicking ton the panel to add to

the internal track, I get a blue edit screen up. the box for the text is outlined in red and a flashing cursor appears, but when I type in the text, the cursor moves along but shows nothing. I have tried changing text colour, but still invisible.


I also find that if I output the project to Mpeg2, then preview, all of my transitions and slides inserted in the movie show as the same blank blue screen for 5 seconds, between scenes.


Can anyone out there help with this please?




Paul G :blink:

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Sounds like an issue with your video/graphics card. Try updating Directx (from MS) and the drivers for your video card (from the manufacturer, not MS updates). If that doesn't help, post back with your system specs.


Hi Larry,


Thanks for the reply, I have updated my Graphics card drivers (wouldn't work at all before that) and I have the latest Direct-x installed. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled EMC 9.0, as another user got lucky that way.


I have an Asrock 939 Dual-Sata2 board with 512Mb Ram, Abit Nvidia Gforce MX 460 Pro Graphics card, 200 Gb SATA Boot drive with Win-XP pro SP2, 160Gb ATA backup drive, 2 external USB backups, 250 Gb and 300 Gb.



When using Videowave 9 I can add scenes, coloured panels, transitions, but try to add text to a panel or jpeg slide and the editor that appears is in Oxford-blue, the cursor moves along but no sign of the text!





Paul G

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How do you change the text color? You should highlight the text to be able to change the color. Type something inside the red box and highlight everything (I know you're not seeing anything inside that box). Then change the text color. Any luck?


When I select a colour panel by clicking once on it, I get a Preview box up, click on the Add Text icon (an A with a + next to it, then you get a row of icons at the top, colour,size,font etc. If you click in the red text entry box

in the middle of the preview box, you get a flashing white cursor, this moves along.


I understand that windows-norm is to highlight the text you want to apply changes to, just I can't highlight anything in this box!


If I select a colour after typing invisible text in the box, next time I select that text it gives the same colour I selected before, so maybe it applies the colour to all text in the box, just I can't see it. I saw someone's screen-shot of text in this box, so I can see that it should be there!



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Just adding more detail, maybe it will pin down the reason for this I hope!


In VW 9, if I select a scene, the preview screen stays blue. if I try to play the sceene, the position indicator at the bottom moves along the production, sounds from the scenes come out OK, but the screen stays blank/blue.

I f I double-click on a scene, It comes up in video edit/trim mode. Now I can see the scenes and the sound matches them.


In My DVD if I load a production in, I get the same blue preview screen and again, get the movie running fine

if I open it in edit/trim mode.


I just know this will be great if I can get over the bugs!



Paul G

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