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Can't burn slide show files as part of a movie project

Tom P


I have a Gateway GT 5882 with XP and am using MyDVD 9 Studio. I hope I am in the right place to ask this question. I have a project to burn with 3 short videos and 2 photo slide shows with muisc. THe videos can be burned to a DVD but when I try to burn all 5, the program freezes when it gets to the photo slide show. I have updated from the Gateway site all the CD, DVD, video, and sound drivers that I could find.


THe slide shows play fine in Preview.


I'm a rookie at this stuff and am not sure what else to try. Any suggestions would be aprpeciated.

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I'm going to make a couple guesses here. First that the video files you added are probably already dvd compliant and when it was processing them you saw a grey window in the progress window. That means it's not doing any render (encoding), just processing them. Then when it got to the slideshow part it needs to render those into video and that's where it's getting stuck.


That's usually corrected by updating your video card drivers. You need to do that from the video card makers site (like ATI or NVidia for example), you can't use MS updates. You also have to follow their directions carefully for installing, such as uninstall old ones, reboot, then install the new ones, and have any A/V programs shutdown.


If you already have the latest video drivers installed, from the card makers site, try uninstalling them, reboot to the generic Windows ones, then install them again.

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Larry, wherever you are:


You were right on target!! I downloaded a driver from NVidia and everything worked!!

I must tell you: for about a month on and off I have been struggling through the difficult (for me) use of My DVD to make a DVD of my son's high school graduation and winter formal. You gave me the breakthrough, and the final product is fantastic!


I wish the My DVD documentation would have been more helpful, and I am so glad that you were available to help.


Thank you so much!!! My son's girlfriend and her family will be grateful too!



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That's great! :) Happy to hear the suggestions worked out for you.


These user forums are a great place to pick up ideas or get help from others who use the software, so come back anytime you have questions or want to add some helpful hints. Good Luck & have fun burning.

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