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adding edited files in EMC 9



After capturing a movie file, then [VIDEO], [EDIT VIDEO], [create a new production]-OK, [Add Photo/Video], double click on [captured video], editing video and then attempting to save the edited version by clicking [File] and [save as], then "production 1. dmsm" enters as default. Saving the file, [Make movie/create video file (to my videos) generates the Render screen with a non working preview screen and the information panel "Progress File Name: Movie edited 1.mp4, Total duration: 1hr, 13 min, 56 sec, 13 frames, Completed: 0 hr, 0 min, 0 sec, 0 frames-0%, Available space on C:\ 362.80 GB". In front of this display is a popup error message named VideoWave 9 which states: "Error Unspecified error". The only options are to click OK, or delete X. Either option returns to previous menu. Clicking [create video file] again brings a VideoWave 9 Warning "The output file you have selected already exists. Would you like to overwrite the file?". Clicking yes generates a VideoWave 9 "Error The file to overwrite cannot be deleted! It might be in use by some other application". Clicking OK returns to previous screen. Changing file name to a unique name "ABCXYZ", and clicking [Create Video File] generates the same VideoWave 9 Warning "The output file you have selected already exists. Would you like to overwrite this file?". Clicking Yes continues the loop. Clicking No also continues the loop, returning to the previous screen. Xing out generates the VideoWave 9 popup ".\DSMenuEditCtrl.cpp(536): ***Error 80040207". Clicking the Details icon generates the following message twice: "Could not create the rendered object. This might be caused by DirectX 9.0 not being installed or" (out of screen, cannot access the rest of the message). The same message repeated on next line. Clicking OK returns to the VideoWave 9 - Production 1 screen with the edited movie loaded. Clicking the [burn with My DVD] icon generates the MyDVD Express screen with the "Disc size/Used/Quality", and CreateVideoWave 9 message ".DSMenuEditCtrl.cpp(536): ***Error 8004027". Clicking OK generates the MyDVD Express Menu which should allow the menu style to be changed. Selecting a menu style does not display that style, but returns to the previous screen. Another endless loop. Clicking the [Create Disc] icon generates the Burn Project popup which immediately displays : "Overall progress (100%), Current task: Completed (100%), and 80040207 Error while Encoding Movie". details:" 80040207 Error while Encoding Movie. An unrecoverable device error occurred. Error while Aborting". Another endless loop. Back to Roxio Creator 9 home. Select [Create DVD], [Add New Movie], the selections are the original unedited movie, the Production 1 file, and the Movie edited 1 files to select from. The only file with anything in it is the unedited movie. The production 1 file and the Movie edited 1 files are empty, and if selected will generate the MyDVD 9 popup stating: "The file you are trying to use is unseekable, and has not been added". Selecting the unedited version allows the DVD to be burned, IF AND ONLY IF the [Preview] icon is clicked and then the screen Xed out and the [burn] icon pressed.The original capture file remains unchanged and the edited version can only be obtained by starting form the home screen with [Edit an evisting production]. It does save it in some remote form, but it does not seem to be accessible to the Create DVD part of the program.

I have read the manual that accompanied the program. It does not delineate any other approach nor address the problems I am encountering. Please advise what I am doing wrong.

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With all that detail you seem to have left out your system specs which might be helpful.

As a first start, make sure your computer has the latest video and DirectX drivers as well as burner firmware

and keep the hard drive defragged.

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That is a pretty daunting paragraph. Maybe if you break it down into smaller chunks folks would be willing to take the time to look at it. As it is right now, I am assuming they say this huge chunk of data and thought "Pass".

I am in 100% agreement! I found that post to be almost unreadable - everything seems to be running together. I read a few lines and gave up. Simply trying to figure out what the poster is trying to do is a chore. While some posters don't give any details, this one has too many.

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