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I'm running a DELL Notebook W/XP PRO and defaoult Sonic Software. All software updates


Haven't created a CD in Months. Now, when performing the Make Compatable function I get the BSOD consistently. I've upgraded? to 4.95 and same-o, same-o.


It only happens on CD-R's w/images, audio is OK...


Any solutions out there?





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Packet-Writing (Sonic's DLA, Roxio's Drag2Disc, Nero's InCD, etc) is fussy at best (demanding the same Version of the program and Opearating System that wrote it), and inclined to fail for any reason or none at all.


It is NOT a good way to archive files, altho there are misguided authorities out there that say it is.


If you are on the same computer from which you created the formatted discs, it is POSSIBLE some program or upgrade in the interim since you last used it is responsible (Internet Explorer 7 - which Microsoft disguised as a "critical update", altho it isn't - is a possible candidate).


Or, the disc(s) could just be going bad.


Move what you can still salvage to a folder on your Hard Drive, and reburn it using a Sessions-based program, such as Sonic's Data Disc in Record Now, or WinXP's built-in burning.


If your data is worth more than the cost of a CD-R (which is about what they cost by the spindle), don't format any more discs. If you want a "great-big floppy-disc", get an External Drive or a Flash Drive (aka Jump / Pen / Keychain / Thumb Drive).



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