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Need Help Please



Have sonic dvd player. It has a frame Capture feature. Work with somve dvds but not all. It make a sound when hit and should be saving my photo but it will not bring up the save feature like other dvds do.


Any help / advice?


I love the program but I must be able to use this feature for evidence.





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I would advise you to edit out your email address - these are public boards that are searched by google and other search engines, which in turn are searched by spammers seeking to "harvest" email addreses for spamming purposes.


Questions on the boards are answered in public, so everyone gets the benefit of the answer.


If you want notification, I'd suggest you check the option to be emailed - if you didn't do it when you posted, click on the "options" button on the right-hand side, and choose "track this topic".



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