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Another Disc Image Loader Issue



I installed EMC 10 on a Windows Vista Business system (32-Bit). I had another Virtual CD Program installed on the system already and was intending on keeping it because it had some features that the EMC 10 did not have. Unfortuantely, I have a couple of problems that I can't seem to resolve.


First, everytime I start the Disk Image Loader program I get a message saying the the driver has been updatesd and that the new version will be used after the next reboot. Apologies for not pasting in the exact message - I was having this problem at home but I'm currently at work.


Another symptom is that if I uninstall a Virtual Drive about 10 to 15 seconds later the system will blue screen with a Stop 0x0000008E error.


Things I've tried to resolve the issue:


I thought that the problem might be related to the other Virtual CD Program (Virtual CD by H+H Software) so I uninstalled it and rebooted. This made no difference.


I next started the Roxio Disk Image Loader program and chose to remove all virtual drives. When doing so it asks you if you also want to uninstall the driver and I did choose to remove it. I then rebooted and started the Disk Image Loader again. This has the affect of reinstalling the driver. I was then right back to square one with the same problems.


I finally uninstalled EMC 10 altogether, going into Control Panel and removing ALL Roxio related programs. I rebooted and reinstalled but I'm still having the same problem.


I'm also trying to determine if maybe the other Virtual CD program is at fault and have a question into their support to see if there may be any registry entries I still need to clean out, etc. In the meantime I'm just wondering if anyone here has any tips.


- Hannes

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Daithi, thanks for the response. I had already uninstalled both programs and reinstalled EMC 10 from scratch, but that didn't do it.


Fortunately, I keep images of a clean install so I guess I'll restore that and reinstall my apps.


I'm sure it's a conflict with something on this machine because I have another machine that is identical, at least as far as the hardware goes, and it works fine there.


- Hannes

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Hard to say - it is possible there is a clash between the two virtual CD programs (competing for control of the same 'drive'). You should be able to remove the Roxio one from add/remove programs in Control Panel and see if that cures it


If you have one that you're happy with, I'd stick to that and remove the other


You may have someremnants left of the Roxio suite - check for hidden files and folders and remove those, not forgetting to follow the 'clean install' routine (that's more of a clean uninstall actually - to remove any traces of the Roxio suite)

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