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Jerky video: solved! (?)



For what it's worth, I have been having exactly the same jerky video problem as described by so many others with DVDs created in Toast 8.01 from EyeTV content, and had re-installed Toast 7.02 to get around the issue (fuzzy yellow menus and all). Yesterday, I did some comparative tests using the identical settings in Toast 8.01 and Popcorn 3 and found that in Popcorn, the problem has gone! Bearing in mind that P3 is somewhat newer than T8.01, may we dare hope that there will be a T8.02 update incorporating whatever changes have been made in Popcorn? Or will we have to fork out all over again for Toast 9? Whatever, for the moment, with Popcorn 3 I'm happy...

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Thanks for the information. Does anyone know what Roxio are doing about it? This is the reply that closed off the thread discussing it in Toast 8:


Ok, this is getting old. We have established that the problem is related to playback in some players for sure.

Yes, we know there are differences in the encoders from older versions of Toast to the current, however we are still within specifications and as such, that makes this not a Toast problem. We are still trying to work around it however but I am closing this thread down as the discussion is lingering on for months on end.

If you want us to look at your files, send me a private message and we can work from there on getting ahold of them and testing them. (from John at Roxio)


If they have fixed it in Popcorn, then there should be a Toast 8.something that fixes it. We shouldn't have to upgrade to Popcorn 3 to get a fix, or even to Toast 9. I sent a private message to John at Roxio months ago and never received a reply...

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I had to try this to check, so I downloaded Popcorn, took one of my jerky (or stuttering or skipping, depending on how you describe it) DVDs that had been burned with Toast 8 and tried re-burning it. Burning the orignal image reproduced the skipping. Taking the video tracks and reinserting them into Popcorn, then recreating an identical menu structure and burning it meant that Popcorn had to re-multiplex the files, and that produced a DVD that worked without skipping. So that proves there is no issue with Toast and how it burns DVDs, nor any issue with the base video files. The issue sits entirely with how Toast multiplexes them. Re-multiplexing can even fix the issue. So at least now I have popcorn I can test it to see if it crashes as much as Toast, and if the Disc Cover programme replaces pictures for cover art with other ones that I have used on other discs, like the version that came with Toast does, or not. It still picks up the mono sound track from videos out of EyeTV like Toast did in a seemingly unpredictable way (rather than the soundtrack that EyeTV will play by default, i.e. English), so those issues aren't fixed yet. Are these for Toast 9, or Popcorn 4 or 5?

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