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Popcorn 3 and elgato.264

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1. Make sure the Turbo.264 is connected before launching Popcorn.

2. Set up everything the way you want to export.

3. Choose one of the first four export options (or Xbox 360 or Palm Treo), but do not choose the H.264 option. For some reason that one doesn't use the Turbo.264. I use the AppleTV setting.


You can tell that the Turbo.264 is working because you'll see turbo.264 in the progress window along with its pulsating circles.

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I'm not sure what you mean by"options". Options on the Popcorn program or options on the elgato program? Where is that menu located?

I guess I could have called them export presets. When you click Popcorn's big button a window appears asking what format you want for exporting. There is a drop-down list that starts with AppleTV. The first four all use the Turbo.264 as do the other two I mentioned. The remaining presets do not use the Turbo.264.

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Now I'm totally lost! Do I lick on Popcorn, or Tivo transfers to Popcorn?

I must have misunderstood your question. I thought you were asking if the Turbo.264 could speed up the H.264 conversion of videos you transferred from your Tivo with Popcorn. My responses assumed you already transferred the Tivo videos and wanted to convert them to the H.264 format. That conversion is the only thing the Turbo.264 can do. It does nothing with regard to Tivo-to-Go transfers to your Mac.


If you are having trouble with Tivo transfers take a look at the posts in the TivoToGo for Mac forum.

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