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VIDEO_TS Folder Title Re-Order



I have some DVDs that I want to back up but I only want some titles on the backup, not all of them. I have Toast 8 Titanium open to the Video Project for VIDEO_TS Folder. When I click on the Copy Options button I select the Custom option from the Video pull down. I can figure out which titles are which but when I go to burn I can't figure out how to order the titles in the order I want. They appear to be in a random order rather than title 1, title 2, etc.

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There is no way to tell Toast what order to place the titles when you use that method.


There is an alternative method, as follows:

1. Place the VIDEO_TS folder on the desktop.

2. Choose DVD video as the format in the Video window.

3. Choose DVD with the top button of the Toast Media Browser. Wait for something to appear in the browser window.

4. Using the second button in the browser window go to the titles level. In the browser select the titles you want on your DVD and either click the + button or drag them to the Video window.

5. When Toast is finished extracting the titles you can rearrange their order.

6. Edit the text the way you want for the menu and select a menu style.

7. Click the burn button to create your new video DVD.


If Toast says it is encoding instead of multiplexing the abort the project. Go to the custom encoder window and choose Never next to re-encode. Then click the burn button. Toast should only be multiplexing, not encoding.


If your content is too much for a single-layer disc and that's what you're wanting to burn then choose Save as Disc Image instead of clicking the burn button. When the disc image is finished select it using the Image File setting in the Copy window and click the burn button. Toast will ask if you want this to fit a single-layer DVD. You'll now how to proceed from there.

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