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Exporting to a portable audio device



I Have a Creative Zen Vision:M 30G mp3 player and I am trying to figure out how to export tracks to the device. I followed the directions on the resource guide on how to do this. When I right click on the tracks that I want to export, no option appears for the portable device as stated in the step by step directions. My Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 software does not seem to recognize my mp3 player. Is there something more I need to do? I have used Roxio for all my music needs and I really do not want to go through another route to add music to my player. Please help

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Any mp3 players I've come across register as a 'removable drive' when you plug them in


What I have had to do is, first, convert the file to mp3 format and save it on the hard drive and then just drag and drop them to the mp3 'disk'


I don't think the program is designed to make mp3s and transfer them to the player - it can make mp3 CDs but that's a different matter (and even then, the audio has to be converted first)

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