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Scene Detection and Importing from DVD

Cynthia Blue


I'm very new to Roxio so please forgive my questions.


First question... I have a camcorder that burns to minidisk dvd. When I import from the DVD to my hard drive with the software that came with the camera, I get each scene (a scene being the small movie between when I hit the pause/play button) loaded onto my hard drive as a separate file. In Roxio, this minidisk is importing as two video files, and all the scenes are inside those two video files


I want each of these to be individual movies so I can burn them to a regular DVD for my friends, with a menu. Is there a way for me to do this? Either to have it automatically detect when importing, or let me manually split the scenes up while importing? This would be faster, I'd think, than using the auto scene detection.


Next Question.. I imported the two big video files. I used the auto-detection and it split up the scenes into mini movies just fine. I see the small mini movies in the right panel of the auto-detect screen. The help says these are saved.. but where are they saved to? I can't find them on my hard drive. I need them to be each saved as an individual movie file.


Of course I can use the software that came with the camera for this, however, I'd really like to do it all in Roxio if possible.


Thanks for any help.

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I have a camcorder that burns to minidisk dvd.




What file format is on the Mini DVD, Video_TS, Audio_TS, Vob, Ifo, Bup? Are they the disc in the link below, and do you close the disc?http://www.supermediastore.com/mini-blank-dvd-r-media-1-4gb-2-8gb.html



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