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Memory Leak when exporting h.264 video?



I just have a question to ask regarding exporting video files. I took about 8 - 20 minute shows and exported them using the highest quality h.264 encoder. I checked the activity monitor and toast was using around 50 MB of real memory. I checked back about couple hours later into the encoding and found that toast was using about 200 MB of real memory, then I looked back a few hours more and found that toast was using 1 GB of real memory (Luckily I have a 2 GB System). Is this the way toast is supposed to work? Or is there a memory leak?

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Hi, I posted this a while back and have not gotten a response. I've upgrade to 8.03 and I still have the same problem. Now, if I try and encode a movie that is long (Lord of the Rings), with the highest h.264 encoder, after it reaches too high of memory usage, the application crashes. Anybody else have this problem?

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