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VideoWave does not close



VideoWave is still in memory and running even after closing it with either File|Exit, Close button in upper right corner or Alt+F4. VideoWave does end display and returns to desktop, but when Task manager is opened, it is still executing. It takes about 32mb of memory. If VideoWave is re-opened, another copy is in memory. I have had many copies of VideWave still running when I used it several times in a session.


When the PC is shut down, the message "Roxio Graph Notify Window is running" for each copy and each one has to be manually terminated before the PC will shut down.


(Please see thread on September 13 -- I thought it was due to MyDVD, but this problem occurs just by opening VideoWave without burning a disc.)


I am getting really frustrated with manually ending VideoWave every time I want to use it. Also, it takes so much memory. And, finally, it can effect other tasks, eg. when I paste a graphic into a Word document, it hangs until I manually end VideoWave in Task Manager.


Please help with any ideas. Many thanks --

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