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Error: A movie cannot be split

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I have a movie in .avi format. I can import , view and seemingly edit it; but, the trim and split features are grayed out. Attempts to split the files through the menus produces the following error: "A movie cannot be split. Preview a single video clip instead by double-clicking on iy or dragging it to the Screening Room.". How can I split or otherwise enable this project to span the 3 CD's that DVD Builder is estimating would be needed hold the 1988 MBs (at 700 ea.) this project would require in SVCD format? Also, technically, what is the difference between a 'movie' and a 'video clip'? Thanks.

PS. Can I 'Save Project as Image File on Hard Disk' and then somehow span the file among the CDs?

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I don't have all of the Build numbers for DVD Builder and they are slightly different than those of Classic. Check the number in Classic (Help – About), I suspect it will be or Both of these are BASIC versions and only supplied by OEM's with hardware.


While Basic versions have different features disabled I never heard of one that had Split/Trim disabled…


It sounds like you don't know how to use the interface. You have to double click the Clip on the right in order to place it in the Screening Room at the Left. Only then will Split or Trim work.


I would first split it into the 3 disc parts starting with the disc3 split point then the disc2 split point.


You will now see 3 movie clips in the right side. Write down the names as they will be the original name + a number in hexadecimal. (1, 2, 3,…8, 9, A, B,…F, 10, 11, etc.)


Start a New Project and do a Save As DiscX. Load the new avi file for that disc.


Do the editing you need to do with that clip and Save the project.


Start a New Project and do a Save As, DiscY. Load the new avi file for that disc.


You get the idea…


Note: Trim only works on the Start and End of a clip. If you have an unwanted portion within a clip you split and the beginning of the unwanted portion. This creates another clip. Load that clip into the Screening room and Trim the unwanted portion away.


V6 was the only version that works this way. All of the versions since use a more conventional method of handling clips with splits.

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