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Playback Problems


I'm having some strange menu problems.


I'm a very experience DVD producer using the software. I've made several DVDs successfully using the software and using the same DVD blanks.


1. Here's what i get: on my test DVD player the menu doesnt show up but I can see the play all and scene selection buttons on the main menu. the music plays and thats it. I had an intro movie and it played that and went to a white screen. i removed the intro movie and now only see the DVD player blue screen withose two buttons. I select the select scenes button and it plays all the way through.


2. I played it on another player and the menu plays the music and keeps restarting. The main menu plays but the submenu when selected plays one segment and ends. The play all plays eratically.


3. Next i played the dvd on another computer and it plays fine, everything works as it shoul.


4. Next i play it on the comp I created it on and it doesnt play the menu.


5. I copied all the files to another Comp and burned the disc using memorex DVD+R. i get the samething as No 2. above.


I think there is something in the menu thats the problem?


I have the same short intro movie at the beginning of every scene for the scene selection buttons.


Not there is a main menu with Play All and Scene Selection Buttons. There are 2 submenus with 4 selections each.

Please help I need to deliver the job soon.

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I'm going to answer my own question here for those of you experiencing similiar menu problems.


This is after 10 hours of testing this is what I found:


When you have more than 6 buttons that contain thumbnails on the menus, Main or Sub, the menu does not show on your TV screen or they do not not play properly. I had one main menu and two subs each Sub containg 4 thumbnails. Total of 8.


I developed the menu using only text buttons and the problem went away.


Obviously the software can't handle more than 6 thumbnails still or animated.


My tests were performed using 3 different computers for development and 4 DVD players. So I feel confident about my results.


It should noted though that with 8 thumbnails it played fine on one computer only, but we want it to play on the TV, right?


If anyone disagrees with my findings or has any input I welcome your words.


Also, I found if you have many menu problems and keep trying to fix them, it just complicates the problem. It's best to start over with menu development with a new page and it's faster.


Thank God for rewritable DVDs.


Frank Compoccio

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