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toast 8.1 upgrade doesn't help



i made the mistake of buying this product

and of up-grading to 8.1 and of trying

to download the idiot 'patch'

and cannot open the audio files because

it keeps telling me that the files that i saved

in toast 8 format are not supported!!!!!!!!!!!!


no manual with instructions, no help from this site.


save your money and stick with itunes ... useless but

gold compared to this absolute pile of TOASTed GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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There isn't a Toast 8 audio format. So I'm bewildered by your description of the problem. If you want help with this please explain things in more detail.


1. I bought Toast 8 Titanium.


2. I copied my iTunes songs to a CD and then copied the songs

from the CD to Toast 8 and then saved them as a new file (because

Toast 8 tells me I cannot 'burn' iTunes songs from Toast 8 ONLY in iTunes)


3. Then I up-dated to Toast 8.1 and tried to open the file I had saved

in Toast 8 and get an error message saying that the files had been saved

in an "Unsupported Format"


4. So then i tried double clicking on the icon (for my saved songs) and that did import

them except now they don't work in Toast 8.

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When Toast 8.0 came out many users complained it could not open Toast 7.x audio projects. So Roxio made a change in Toast 8.0.1 that enabled the Toast 7.x audio projects to load. Unfortunately, this meant the Toast 8.0 audio projects can only open in Toast 8.0. You can have both Toast 8.0 and 8.0.1 on your Mac. Once you open the 8.0 audio projects in Toast 8.0 I suggest choosing Save as Disc Image from the File menu. This will save the audio as an .Sd2f file that can be opened in Toast 8.0.1.


This is only an issue in the Audio CD section of Toast 8.

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