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Intro movie & Play all button?




I'm a new toast user (it's actually the first time in my life i'm working on a mac,

pretty good stuff ;) ).


I have 2 questions, I'm working on a dvd to put my motion graphics work on.

I built my own custom template in photoshop, toast completely reads that, so

that works fine. Now i want to put a small intro movie before the menu, but i

can't find a way to do that, any of you guys know if that's possible??


Second; i'd like to put a play all button in there, how would i do that?


Thanks for any help!

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Toast has a very basic menu system. It doesn't provide for any video or audio in the menu. As for "play all" you can check the box to play all items continuously but that doesn't give the user the choice.


iDVD has motion menus. So does CaptyDVD2 and DVD Studio Pro. I think DVD Studio Pro is the only one that lets you create specific menu buttons and commands such as Play All.

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