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Making DVD-RW data disks





This is probably going to seem a dumb question.


I've just upgraded to EMC10 and therefore no longer have access to 'Drag to Disc' (I wasn't aware this piece of software was no longer available when I purchased the software).


In the past I've successfully used D2D to back up infrequently used but not valuable data on to DVD+RW discs.


When I've deleted folders or files on these discs using D2D, the space used has been regained - ie the disc has effectively operated like a floppy disc and if all the files are deleted, the full capacity of the disc is again available. However, now that I've started using EMC 10, the folders/files can seemingly be deleted but the space they occupied is not regained - in other words, add and subsequently delete enough folders/files and eventually there will be nothing on the disc but nevertheless, no capacity available.


Am I doing something wrong?

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Packet writing (D2D) was dropped in burning software when Vista came out. Vista has it built into the OS if you are silly enough to continue to use it.


I say that because packet writing has proven itself to be the least reliable form of burning ever devised. When you lose a pw disc, you generally lose everything and it comes with no warning.


What you are using now is referred to as Session writing. You are correct that files can be deleted but space is never recovered! What you haven't noticed yet is every time you write the disc, you lose an additional 10mb of space to disc overhead. Write a 1K file it costs you 10.1mb.


This is the way optical media works and the way it always has worked. It isn't going to change.

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