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Installation error?



I logged on today to protest about the long install time (30min) but I see that is not too unusual.

I installed last night from CD onto a core 2 duo 2.13 ghz sys with 4 G of DDR667.

Aside from the long wait I got a strange popup early in the install that said " Microsoft HTML application host has stopped working and will close the program" So I said OK. Then the install went along as if nothing happened.

I didnt have time to check all the features, I set up the printer in the label creator and a few other things.

Does anybody have an idea what the error could mean?

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If everything is working I wouldn't worry


The error sounds more like a MS one than Roxio to be honest (it would refer to an app reading html files, usually IE7)


Thanks for the reply, Yeah, working OK. I did a virus and malware scan last night to check and everything seems to be kopacetic.

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