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I am trying to include subtitles when I convert a DVD that has subtitles to AppleTV format. Roxio support tells me it is possible. I cannot get it to work.

When I burn a dvd then yes, I can include subtitles, but not when exporting to h.264.

When choosing to burn a dvd it shows the subtitles will be included, when exporting to h.264 it only shows video and audio.

The quicktime file that is created after does include a text track, but no subtitles show in quicktime (the pref to show captions is checked), and in vlc when select to view subtitles the screen only shows this- ???.


Anyone tried this yet with any success?

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Add my voice to this thread. I bought popcorn to use elgato in combination with popcorn to record movies for apple TV. Not having subtitle support really kills the usefulness of popcorn for me. I would not have bought it had I understood that I would not have subtitles when recording to h.264 file.

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This still appears to be a problem. There do not appear to be any options to force subtitles (or include them at all as Apple TV now supports non-forces subtitles) on H.264 files in Popcorn 3 for Apple TV. I can do this using Handbrake, but every once in a while I run into a VideoTS folder that Handbrake crashes on. But the inability to add subtitles makes Popcorn kind of useless for converting foreign films. Is this something that's being addressed in an update?

Any suggestions?


Popcorn 3.0.2

Mac OS 10.5.5

MacPro 2x2.66GHz DualCore Intel

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Hi there.


Exactly the same... Have a lot of VIDEO-TS folders, I really want to have subtitles. Roxio support tpld me that it should work, but I cant get it to work


any tip?


When I click on "preview" button (the little play in the left corner), after added VIDEO_TS folder, before exporting, it automaticly shows swedish subtitle... strange

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