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Always have to re-download my RecordNow9 each use



I am not sure if anybody knows what I am talking about, but I purchased the RecordNow 9 program to copy CD's from my iTunes purchases, which eventually after 3 hours worked.....but now, every time I want to burn again, I have to always go through the process of downloading the program and setup. Is this normal? Or is it because I am using iTunes and not copying fromthe required Yahoo Music Jukebox program that was manditory for me to apply and download the initial Buring RecordNow Program?


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.... FYI... I am very new to this as well as Computer knowledge, so bear with me if I seem rather kindergarten leveled in this...


Thanks.... DancingLady

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First, you should be making a backup copy of your download - both so you don't need to re-download it to re-install, and second because one of these days it won't be there - there will be a newer Version, or it may just be deleted. That is very common with downloads.


Second, yes, programs do sometimes conflict with one another, and iTunes is often fingered. Unless you have limited your downloads to very recently and restricted them to the DRM-free versions, there will be DRM code contained within the file which will limit your ability to use the files, particularly to copy the files.


Altho there have been changes to DRM since this news item from the BBC, you might take a look at what Bill Gates said:




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