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Info Requested: Runtime Error-Virtual Call- R6025

John at Roxio


For anyone still getting the error in the title. Can you include details on what modules the error is occurring in? Right now I have seen posts that it happens in the following modules:




VideoWave 10.exe


Also, if you were able to resolve the issue can you list your solution along with the module that the error occurred in. That would really help us out.

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I have isolated and resolved my problem for Runtime Error-Virtual Call- R6025 when going into MYDVD and clicking import. :D


I have an ATI Radeon 9800 pro in a Dell Dimension. When I first installed EMC10 it told me to go to the ATI site for new drivers. I did this before going further. I could not get MYDVD to work at all. I tried everything in this forum. I was ready to toss EMC10.


I did a restore and then reinstalled EMC10 without updating my driver. MYDVD worked fine. Then I updated the driver again and once again MYDVD stopped working. I then went back to the oldest driver on the website, still NOGO. I restored and reinstalled EMC10 again and MYDVD is working. My ATI driver is dated 2004. Apparently this is not one of the drivers listed on the ATI site. It must not be a Catalyst driver. So I'm fine now, so long as I don't update my ATI driver anytime soon.


;) Now if I can just figure how to select a section of video in edit mode... Things should be a little bit more intutive to Microsoft standard.


I have the 9800 Pro on my backup computer, and I use the Catalyst driver from August 2006. I only loaded the driver from that version, not the Control Center.




I use the last Control Panel that ATI made, before they went totally with the Control Center. You can get that Control Panel here:




Edit: I see the links don't take you to the archived drivers. I don't know why they don't. I have the URL in my Favorites, and I get the archived page, but if I go to the AMD/ATI site, I can't find the archived drivers page. :angry::angry:

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To answer John at Roxio's question directly, I get the runtime error 6025 with at least the following:



MyDVD Express (just freezes up, CTRL Alt Del to end task)

Photo Suite

Creat Slideshow (get error immediately)

MultiPhoto Enhance


Except where noted, the module comes up, but when I try to do anything (Add Video/Photo for example) I get he runtime error.


I quit trying others. Seems that this runtime error thing is pretty consistent throughout EMC 10 modules.

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:angry2:I haven't cheked in a day or two, but has the problem with EMC 10 been fixed yet? I am getting tired of trying everything they say do and nothing works!! :(

Exactly what did "Roxio" tell you to do???


I am asking because there is nothing in this entire thread from Roxio telling anyone to do anything???

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