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Verbatim Launches 2.5” & 3.5” Hard Drive Disks


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Press Release


Verbatim, Europe's leading storage media specialist, is expanding its product portfolio to include high-quality external Hard Drive Disks (HDD). Available in 2.5" and 3.5" format they provide between 120 GB and 750 GB storage capacity and will be shipping in October.


The external 2.5" and 3.5" HDDs now offer users a particularly easy and straightforward solution for reliable data backup from laptop or PC. Featuring practical 'plug & play' compatibility these drives can be used immediately as no installation is required. Additionally, every Verbatim HDD comes with "Bounce Back Express" back-up software that enables professional data back-up.


"The Verbatim HDDs are ideal for anyone who needs reliable, mobile file storage – whether for private or business purposes," said Kai Miroschnik, Business Unit Manager Multi Media & Peripherals, Verbatim EUMEA. "Our acquisition of the SmartDisk® Corporation, a leading American HDD brand, means we are now ideally placed in terms of product quality and know-how in the external HDD segment. Indeed we are planning further strategic expansion in this category in the future", he added.


Verbatim 2.5" external HDD range

The palm-sized Verbatim HDD 2.5" format, allows users to have their data at their fingertips at all times - even on the move. Encased in a slender and robust aluminium housing of sophisticated design the HDDs are available with 120 GB, 160 GB or 250 GB storage capacities. The sturdy packaging, with transparent window, offers additional protection against knocks and jolts. The hard drive comes with USB 2.0 or two FireWire ports.


Verbatim 3.5" external HD drive range with 500 GB and 750 GB storage

The external hard disks in 3.5" format, with internal high-speed SATA hard disk, are especially powerful and can reliably store even large volumes of data. The housings have a ventilation slit to provide sufficient air without fans making the hard disks particularly quiet. On the front of the casing is a handy on/off switch with LED light. These drives also come with a foot stand that can be conveniently placed on a desk - where they have a minimal footprint.


As well as the model with USB port, the 3.5" HD drives are also available with two additional FireWire ports. The free Support Hotline offers users additional reliability.


Verbatim 3.5" NAS HDD with 500 GB storage capacity for SOHO

With the 500 GB NAS (Network Attached Storage) HDD, Verbatim provides the means to use a mobile data storage device with multiple computers in a local network. The SOHO NAS drive can be linked to a computer by USB or network connection (Ethernet). With its professional interface solution, the NAS hard disk is eminently suitable for use as a multimedia centre, particularly for small companies or home use. The pre-installed software – "Samba" for PC and "Apple Bonjour™" for Mac – guarantees quick and easy network setup and smooth administration during operation. The NAS hard disk is also suitable as a central back-up solution, or for use as a "print server" when linked up to a shared USB printer.


Understanding & Solutions, the specialist information and consulting company that focuses on global developments in the storage media markets, anticipate that the future demand for 3.5" and 2.5" HDDs will surge and that the Hard Disk category will grow globally from its current figure of just under 25 million units to approximately 60 million units in the next four years.


“The 3.5" HDD market is the largest segment, but the 2.5" models are experiencing faster growth as today more and more people use a laptop and are dependent upon additional storage capacity. External HDDs are an excellent addition to our range of storage solutions and we believe that with their addition to our product portfolio we can continue our tradition of offering outstanding quality products that cover all key needs in the digital data storage sector." explained Miroschnik.



Pictures can be found under:

Images of this product can be found for download at the following address



Features: Verbatim external hard disk drives


2.5" format

Models/Capacity: USB 2.0 with 120 GB, 160 GB and 250 GB

FireWire 400 with 120 GB and 160 GB

Dimensions (BxHxT): 198x190.5x572 mm

Weight: 0.4 kg

Power supply: via USB-Port

Interface: 1x USB 2.0 or 2x FireWire 400

Rotational speed: 5.400 RPM

Cache: 8 MB

Software: BounceBack Express

Warranty/Support 2 years


3.5" format

Models/Capacity: USB 2.0 with 500 GB and 750 GB

USB 2.0 & FireWire 400 with 500 GB and 750 GB

500 GB NAS USB 2.0

Dimensions (BxHxT): 292.1x264.2x104.1 mm

Weight: 2 kg

Power Supply: External power supply

Interface: USB 2.0 and/or FireWire 400; Ethernet for NAS drive

Rotational speed: 7.200 RPM

Cache: 8 MB

Software: BounceBack Express, for 500 GB NAS; additional „Samba“ for PC and „Apple Bonjour™“ for Mac

Accessories: Stand

Power cord

USB cable respectively FireWire cable; Ethernet cable for NAS drive.

Warranty/Support 2 years

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