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*.cl5 & *.rcl projects think files are folders - NOT!



I just upgraded my PC from Windows 2000 to Windows XP. My old PC had Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 on it, and I had saved dozens of project files (*.cl5 and *.rcl)


When I now attempt to open these project files, some of the .EXE files and .HTM files are being displayed as FOLDERS! And Easy CD Creator even shows file sizes next to these (supposed) folders! How can this be? How can a folder be 1,423,123 bytes in size? It obviously can't. Folders do not have file sizes. Yes, they can contain files, which has bytes, but the folder itself has no byte size. And yet this EZCDClassic software shows a folder named 'challeng.exe' with 1,150KB !


In short, Easy CD Creator Classic is bugged out.


What is going on? I no longer can burn CDs from these project files, because when I attempt to burn a CD from these project files the validation procedure prevents the CD burn from continuing, since the validation procedure stops and warns '\challeng.exe cannot be found'.



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Sadly there is no backward compatibility but jumping from one out of production version ahead 2 steps to another out of production this sort of thing is expected.


At least now you are only 3 versions behind as V10 just came out.


It is always hard for most of us to guess what method will have the staying power down the road. I have about 100 LaserDiscs that I am having trouble getting into any current DVD Player…

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It is possible - no guarantees - you might be able to put ECDC 5 on WinXP SP2


I ended up uninstalled ECDC 7.1 and installed version 6.2. I could not find my version 6 CD at the time I did the install and when I made my posting. I like version 5 more than I like version 6, but I love version 6 compared to this buggy, iTunes-wanna-be version 7. I can't believe how backwards Roxio went from v6 to v7. It's as if they rewrote the whole app from scratch, and hired the job out to the Chinese. So many things are missing from v 7 that were there in prior versions. If v 7 is any indicator, later versions must be worse. Seems like the software gets better the further back in time you go.


Is there some reason you could not have simply burned an .ISO of the project and copied from that afterward?


I can't do ISO because the files in the project change (in size) frequently.



At least now you are only 3 versions behind as V10 just came out.


Something is wrong with a company that releases a new major version every year, and then drops support for the product 2 years later. If version 7 is any indicator, Roxio's products are getting worse, not better. If this is true, I dread seeing v 10.

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