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Mac OS Error Code -208 on DVD Burn?

Joe Lanier


Attn: Itsanti-I followed your kind instructions on burn of multi-short dvds onto 1 dvd via Toast 8.

When selecting Video DVD the previously saved imagefiles.toast won't load (unsupported

format and cannot be imported message?). Individual Video_TS file(s) do display as ok on

import into Toast (other than msg. saying 5 files unsupported), but will not burn? Msg.

states -208 Mac OS Error Code. Any thoughts? I'm running OS10.4.10 with 1GB memory

on a Power PC MiniMac. Thanks-Joe Lanier (note: the Toast image files will import into

Popcorn 3, but only 1 image, as additional import replaces first, and no way to create a menu

in Popcorn that I am aware of).

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Follow my steps more carefully.


Do not add the content of the VIDEO_TS folders directly to the Toast video window. Instead, use the Toast Media Browser to select and extract the videos. Since you have disc images all you need to do is mount the disc images. They appear in the Media Browser when you choose DVD with the browser's top button. From there you should be able to figure out how to add the titles you want from the browser to the Video window.

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